Earn BDT 100 in your wallet for every property listing we publish.

Cool! How do I do it ?


Share contact details of the house owner and get rewarded

Alternatively, click and upload a picture of the 'TO LET' board outside any house in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna


A little extra dough is always welcome


Our partners are earning additional 25-30K through our Refer & Earn platform.

What will You do with all that extra money ?


I had submitted my listing, but it has been rejected. Why?

A Refer & Earn entry is not entitled to reward for the following reasons:
1. The house of the Owner was already listed on SOPNOBARI.in
2. The house of the Owner has already been rented out.
3. The contact provided by you belongs to a Broker.
4. The details provided by your are of a commercial building.

How will I get the reward money?

To redeem your reward money, go to My Rewards page from Refer & Earn page, and click on ?Transfer Money to Nagad?. The transfer can be initiated anytime and the money will be credited in your Nagad wallet. Please make sure that you have a Nagad account against the mobile number provided to SOPNOBARI.

I have submitted my listing, but have not received the reward?

Please bear with us for some time as we are verifying your claim. The verification process usually takes 48 hours after which you can transfer the amount into your Nagad wallet.

Do I need to have Nagad wallet?

Yes. The reward money can only be transferred to your Nagad wallet. In case you do not have a Nagad account, please register in Nagad with the same mobile number given to SOPNOBARI. The transfer can be initiated anytime and the money will be credited in your Nagad wallet

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